Our Commitment

At EurekaResults we view our relationship as reciprocal.  We are committed to helping you solve your toughest problems, and you should also be ready to make some commitments to assure success.

EurekaResults commitment

  • We will work to quickly provide practical solutions, minimizing your consulting costs
  • Your solution will be tailored to your situation we will not attempt to "force fit" a canned answer
  • Respect your corporate culture, building on the people strengths that you already have
  • We will not seek to build a dependency
  • Always provide multiple ways of contacting us
  • Provide timely feedback on progress
  • We will not take on work beyond our capability, recommending others as appropriate

Your commitment

  • Provide the right subject experts to assist in solving the problem
  • Remain open to alternative ways to approach the problem
  • No layoffs as a result of improvements
    What? No layoffs?
  • Identify and provide resources capable of continuing and repeating the work internally
  • Provide a reliable way of contacting you and your team
  • Tell us the kind of feedback you prefer




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