No Layoff Commitment

Many of the approaches offered by EurekaResults are aimed at building sustainable competitive advantages. Thoughout this process you may need to tap the support of your entire organization to provide capabilities ranging from ideation to implementation.

In order to do so, your people need to be free from the fear of "improving themselves out of a job." While it is true that jobs will often change, and some may be eliminated, your people should not find themselves unemployed as a result of your improvements. If they do, your improvement will be short lived!

We recommend that you make a commitment of your intent to not layoff people or reduce their pay as a result of improvements, provided that they work with you in terms of reskilling and taking on alternative roles.

Of course, you need to be clear that major business downturns may still require staffing adjustments, but these must be clearly distinguished from improvement related activities.

What to do with the "excess" people? Some popular approaches include using them for:

Can you really afford to keep these people around? If you are serious about improvement, you can't afford not to!

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