A Sampling of Successful Projects Conducted by EurekaResults

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Using Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma methods, solved two major on-time shipment problems, taking performance from 60% to 95+% on one case and 50% to 80+% in another.

Applying Value Engineering and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly methods, reduced product cost by over 80% for an aerospace product and 25% for a consumer product.

Using Lean Manufacturing methods, reduced manufacturing lead time from two weeks to one day.

Using Root Cause Analysis methods to reduce product overweight shipments by 65%

Using Lean Manufacturing methods, developed work cells that were 100x faster, used half the labor, 10% of the floor space, and almost no work in process inventory.

Using Lean Manufacturing methods, reduce manufacturing setup and changeover by 90%.

Using Quality Function Deployment and Market Research methods, helped bring new surgical tools to market in record time and recovered product development investment in half the usual time.

Using Business Process Streamlining, reduced cycle time for a custom product order entry system from 5-1/2 days to 4 hours.


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